Former South Florida teacher on trial for inappropriate interactions with female students

Opening statements began Wednesday in the case against Jason Meyers, a former Miami Palmetto Senior High School teacher accused of crossing the line with several underage girls at more than one school.

The trial began five years after the initial allegations of harassment and sexual abuse against female students in 2016.

Meyers was a creative writing professor.

“He broke the trust that he was given as a teacher in the Miami-Dade School System,” said a prosecutor. “He used his classroom as a bedroom. He committed multiple crimes and the state will prove that to you.” .

“Context is everything, and that’s what this case is about,” said an attorney. “While, she was taking Mr. Meyers class, she started a rumor and she told multiple other students that she was having sex with her teacher, Jason Meyers.”

The victim in this case was awarded $6 million in a civil suit against the M-DPS district.

That decision is on appeal.

The trial is expected to resume later Wednesday.