Hong Kong pig awakens at slaughterhouse and murders butcher

A paralyzed pig on its route to slaughter in Hong Kong killed a butcher.

The 61-year-old butcher, according to the police, had shot the animal with a stun pistol in order to kill it when it recovered consciousness and knocked him over.

A coworker at the Sheung Shui Slaughterhouse in northern Hong Kong discovered the butcher holding a meat cleaver and with his left foot damaged.

While investigators have not yet determined the cause of death, it appears the butcher was cut by the 15-inch (40cm) blade after being knocked over by the struggling pig on Friday.

Police believe that before the butcher died, the pig recovered consciousness and knocked him over.

The butcher was sent to the hospital but was subsequently declared dead.

The Labour Department of Hong Kong has initiated an inquiry and will recommend safety enhancements.

A spokeswoman told CNN, “The Labor Department is saddened by the individual’s passing and extends its condolences to his family.”

“We will complete the investigation as quickly as possible in order to determine the cause of the accident, determine the liability of the duty holders, and suggest improvement measures.”

The Hong Kong Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, which oversaw the slaughterhouse, expressed condolences to the butcher’s family.

It is unknown if the offending pig was able to escape.

Due to their capability for social engagement, emotional contagiousness, ability to feel pain, and general hygiene, pigs are regarded as extremely intelligent.

They are typically peaceful creatures, except when defending their young.